About Datasat

Comprising three companies – Datasat Communications, Datasat Digital Entertainment and Datasat Technologies – the Datasat Group develops a broad range of solutions designed to enhance the communications capabilities of individuals and organisations.

Formed in 1987, Datasat has been at the forefront of the communications industry ever since. As well as helping pioneer the use of satellite services for broadcast and media networks and real-time trading within the financial sector, the organisation has continued to expand its services into content provision and entertainment.

Innovation & inspiration

Innovation lies at the heart of the Group. Datasat Digital Entertainment was one of the pioneers of digital surround sound for cinema. Datasat Communications was one of the first service providers to specialise in satellite communications. Datasat Technologies is expanding what can be achieved from wide-area wireless networking.

Together, the companies within the Group provide synergies to create new and better ways  to develop and deliver voice, data and multimedia content.

Content & communication

Currently, the Datasat Group is focusing on the boundaries between content and communication to provide solutions that enhance the ways people worldwide access the information they require.

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