25th Anniversary

Big mobile phones. Bad music. Black Monday financial crisis. There were a lot of things we'd probably like to forget about 1987. However, one worthwhile thing did occur. An entrepreneurial communications company came into existence and steered through all the challenges.

Datasat Communications was the name of that independent satellite service provider.

Today, the Datasat Group is a multi-national group of companies delivering a range of communications, content and entertainment services.Comprising Datasat Communications, Datasat Technologies and Datasat Digital Entertainment, the Group has been responsible for a series of industry firsts over the previous quarter of a century.

Drive and determination

From the outset, Datasat was driven by a streak of innovation and the sheer single minded-ness of owner and Managing Director, Phil Emmel. His work with the London Stock Exchange and satellite television laid the foundations for the new company.

However, purchasing satellite bandwidth for an independent service provider was expensive and complex. Undeterred, Phil flew to the US and didn't leave until Datasat Communications had become one of the first direct access customers to Intelsat in the world. This is an example of the philosophy that has underpinned the development of the Datasat Group for the next quarter of a century.
Thinking differently to deliver more effective solutions for our customer's requirements.
It's a philosophy that brought about the one acquisition for a Group that has grown organiically. In 2008, the Datasat Group purchased the cinema division from DTS. The division had pioneered the development of digital sound  in the early 1990s. While movie visuals still relied on 35mm film, this group of people provided audio in digital quality. DTS Digital Cinema became Datasat Digital Entertainment and its pioneering work continues bringing commercial cinema sound into the home.

Pioneering communications solutions

It's the ideal that saw the creation of Datasat Technologies. Datasat Communications grew from its beginnings into a global provider of network solutions to public and private organisations. As network technologies developed, the company embraced them to provide enhanced communications solutions for its customers. Increasingly, customers looked for wireless solutions for low cost, flexible last-mile connectivity.

None with the correct capabilities existed. Rather than compromise with the technologies available, the Datasat Group established a new company to create the wireless systems that our customers required. The result was Datasat Technologies and its range of rugged and resilient wireless solutions which are optimised for video and rich media traffic to uniquely meet the needs of today's network applications.

Today, the Datasat Group has offices on three continents and customers in over 70 countries worldwide. 

A big thank you

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone – customers, staff, partners – that have made the last 25 years so enjoyable. We look forward to working with you as you face your next challenges.

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