Corporate Responsibility

Datasat believes that no organisation acts in isolation and that its activities always have an effect on others. We are committed to ensuring that the effect we have is positive in terms of how we work with our staff, partners and customers as well as ensuring that our footprint on the environment is as small as it can be.

Customer Commitment

The Datasat Group places the needs of customers at the heart of its day-to-day operations. With a commitment from the Board, openness and transparency to customers is a key consideration and an objective at all stages of the lifetime of our customer relationships.

Commitment to Quality

Quality is the driving motivation of all the activities undertaken by the Datasat Group. Companies within the Datasat Group develop solutions to meet the quality requirements of the industries that they work in. Our products are certified by FCC and CE and our installations are quality controlled under ISO9001.

Environment & Sustainability

The Datasat Group recognises that our activities and operations have an impact on the environment. We are committed to conserving natural resources. We continually strive to operate in a manner that is sensitive to the environment and complies with all relevant legislation.

Training & Development

The training and development strategy of the Datasat Group focuses on providing opportunities to develop all staff and is central to achieving our business objectives. It is designed to assist employees in developing their careers and to identify and provide appropriate training opportunities, with all employees receiving a review at least annually.

Equality & Diversity

The Datasat Group is committed to providing a working environment in which employees feel valued and respected and are able to contribute to the success of the business, and to employing a workforce that recognises the diversity of customers. Our aim is that our employees should be able to work in an environment free from discrimination, harassment and bullying, and that employees, job applicants, customers, business partners and suppliers should be treated fairly and that they should not be disadvantaged by unjust or unfair conditions or requirements.

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